Made in Leeds - machines which prevent exam paper tampering

Amid growing concern in schools, colleges and universities about increased tampering with exam papers, a Yorkshire machine designer and manufacturer has helped the Government of Azerbaijan to conduct scrupulously fair university exams. Experts at Mailroom Machines in Morley, near Leeds, were asked by Azerbaijan’s State Students Admission Commission to devise a totally secure system of printing, packing and delivering their exam papers. Subjects included science, the history of Azerbaijan, English, maths and the Azerbaijani and Russian languages. “The technology we have developed enables schools, colleges and universities across the UK and in other parts of the world to solve the growing problem of exam paper tampering,” says Paul Jones, the company’s Sales Director. In a sealed room, to which no-one was admitted, exam papers were printed and packed for each student by name using computer-linked equipment. This included Canon printers and a secure poly-wrapping system manufactured by Mailroom Machines and installed in the Commission’s headquarters in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. “Each package was given a 16-digit barcode unique to each student, closed with a tamper proof seal, locked in a strong security box which was itself sealed before despatch to examination centres,” says Paul. “The Commission are delighted with the tamper proof security measures we built into the system, which also detects if a package goes missing and raises the alarm.” The company are looking to develop more projects for secure system of printing, packing and delivering of confidential materials for Government and Educational and Medical companies.